How Does Interstate Vehicle Purchase Work – 2024 Guide

Living in a country like Australia has so many advantages because the continent just has it all. However, the size of it can sometimes be a challenge, especially when you have to travel to another part to purchase something, like, for example, a car. In smaller countries, the location doesn’t play that much of a role, and regardless of the seller’s location, you can decide to go and see in what condition a car is. In Australia, on the other hand, it could be as far as 3000 km, so the option of going somewhere just to see the car or test drive is not such a good idea.

In former times, we wouldn’t even think of doing something as reckless as this, but living in the times of modern technologies somehow made it normal. You have access to the internet enabling you to browse the offer of the whole country, and beyond, looking for any type of goods, not just cars. The chances are that you’ll fall in love with some vehicle on the other side of the country, and its price wouldn’t let you miss the opportunity to buy it.

Questions like how hard it is to purchase it? How long will it take? Is there some shortcut you can use to simplify the process? Start to come up, and you may end up in a confusion.

The goal of our detailed guide is to inform you about how the process goes and to help you not to overlook some of the steps or necessary documents. The fact is that this is no longer such a complicated process, and Australians all over the country are doing it every day. So, stick to our guide until its end.

Buying from a dealer vs. buying from a private seller

Here it’s important to determine whether you’re going to search for a used or a new car. If it’s a new one you’re going for, buying interstate may not pay off because the shipping expenses would increase the price significantly. Instead, try finding the same car in local dealers and buy it there. Unless, for some crazy reason, a dealer really wants to sell the car and agrees to bargain a bit.

Buying interstate pays off especially if you wish to buy the used car of your dreams. The one that has special features, maybe an old-timer, with a specific mileage, or something else you find valuable. In this case, buying from a dealer is smarter warranty-wise. It gives you peace of mind knowing that if you cannot see the vehicle yourself due to distance, it is protected by a warranty. Those who deal with this type of car are obliged by the law to provide a three-month warranty.

As for buying from a private seller, if you are not able to travel such a distance for a used car inspection, there are services/agencies that can do this for you. Moreover, they can take it upon themselves to register, transfer ownership, finish all necessary documentation, and deliver the car to your yard. Check their services on

Vehicle selection

Here we mean buying new vs buying a used car interstate. There are several advantages to buying a used car, among them, the most prominent are more favorable prices, but also better vehicle maintenance. It could also be that you end up saving some money, even when it’s an interstate purchase.

However, when comparing prices locally and interstate, do not ignore other costs such as travel costs, homologation, etc. Check them in detail and decide whether it is worth it.

Licensed Agents

We recommend buying vehicles from reputable car dealerships and licensed dealers. If you are going to use advertisements, use those that offer customers the opportunity to rate the car dealership where they bought the vehicle. Their experiences can be invaluable to you.

Going to see the vehicle

Although, as we said, in Australia buying interstate can mean one has to travel thousands of miles. However, depending on what kind of car you are buying, going there to check it may be a good idea before you decide to purchase. After all, traveling options have never been this many.

Required documents

Once you check, try and fall in love with your new tin pet, it’s time to buy. You will need proof of ownership of the vehicle for this. If you are buying a vehicle at a store, it is an invoice. If you buy it from a private person, it is a sales contract.

In addition to all of the above, you will also need an original traffic license. However, rules and regulations will depend on the state where you’re buying the vehicle, therefore, make sure to check what legislation applies.

Vehicle registration plates

The vehicle you buy must be insured while traveling. This means it must have plates. How much the plates cost and how long they last vary, so be sure to check this procedure, because, again, they differ from state to state. For example state of Victoria allows you to keep all the plates.

What if you are the seller?

If you have a car you wish to sell, accepting offers from other states is a great idea, because it can widen the market, and quicken the selling. If there’s no one who’d like to buy it locally as we said in the beginning, Australia is a huge country, there must be someone willing to buy from another state. There are some challenges that you may face during the selling thought, and they involve people bombarding you with tons of questions since they cannot actually come and see the car themselves.

In the end, we can conclude that nothing is as complicated as it was before. Today, there’s a solution to everything, all in order to make the purchase of goods easier and possible globally.

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