2015 Nissan Pulsar

Nissan a big name today for providing the best cars in all segments. The reason behind the demand of their cars is stylish exterior and features of the car. Evaluation or comparison of car helps the buyers to check which model is best for their requirement. Follow the same method for Nissan cars as the company is having finest features in their models. This way you can justify if the car is suitable for you or not. In this short note we are going to discuss about the 2015 Nissan Pulsar that is an upcoming model for the company.

General specifications

2015 Nissan Pulsar is having 6 speed manual transmission with inline-4 engine. The 115 horsepower engine allows the driver to run the car at good speed without any discomfort. Displacement is 1.2 liter and it gets the speed of 0 to 60 mph in just 8 seconds. Average cost for this car is $18,000, though the price could be higher or lesser. Taxes and transport charges could be the reason of cost variation. The wheelbase is 2700 mm and leg room size is 682 mm. Overall length of the car is 4385 mm and parking camera is another feature of this car.

new Nissan Pulsar

Nissan gets the huge attraction of the buyers because of their trendy designs. 2015 Pulsar is another example of their achievement, though the car is quite similar to a Nissan Micra in looks. Pulsar model is having 1.6 liter powerful engine. Smooth ride and comfortable seats allow passengers to cover the long distance journey without any worries. The surprise for buyers in this car is more interior space. The car is cheaper in price if you evaluate the similar features with other brands. Nissan Pulsar is good for those who want to spend a limited amount on the car. The pulsar is good enough for smaller families as the car is good in design, powerful in performance and reasonable in price.


A big cargo space of 385 liter luggage is one more feature of this car. If you fold the back seats you will get the enough space of 1395 liters for your luggage. That is wonderful for small families as they can carry the luggage in their car and can move to longer distance easily.

2015 Nissan Pulsar front and back


Nissan Pulsar is having 1.2 liter DIG-T Hi-tech engine. The company is providing diesel engine as well, that means you are getting the option of gas and diesel engine in Nissan Pulsar. 6 speed manual transmission helps the car to pick up more speed in lesser time.

2015 Nissan Pulsar Colors

The demanding colors of this car are dark blue and metallic silver, though dark gray, brown and black are other available colors for the buyers. The interior is almost black in Nissan models.

2015 Pulsar colors

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If we go through reviews of experts 2015 Nissan Pulsar will beat all cars of this segment. The low price with best features is the main reason for the success of Nissan cars. If you have decided for this car and reach your local dealers to know more about new Pulsar.

More info about this model: http://www.topspeed.com/cars/nissan/2015-nissan-pulsar-ar163599.html

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