Renting A Car In Dubai: 5 Benefits And No Drawbacks

Dubai is the tourist and business center of the United Arab Emirates, which is visited by more than 16 million people annually. Being so popular, the city developed a convenient public transport network. You can get to the right place by metro, bus or tram, and for all three ways, you need to buy a Nol card — a travel card with the possibility of replenishing your account at vending machines.

But if you want to be free and move independently around the emirate and beyond, it is better to rent a car in Dubai. Fortunately, there are no problems with that — a lot of companies offer their services. In many rentals, in Paddock, for example, you can do it online.

Benefits of renting a car in the UAE

Cheap gasoline

The United Arab Emirates is in the top 20 countries with the cheapest fuel. The average price of 1 liter of gasoline at gas stations in the UAE is $0.85. It is twice cheaper than in some European countries. Even if you rent a voracious sports car, the cost of maintaining it will be quite low.

Independence from tourist guides and programs

Visiting the city as part of a tourist group, you must agree to certain rules. For example, the time of the tour may be limited, or on the way to the place, you may be “accidentally” brought to a shopping complex imposed by a travel agency. At the same time, it takes a huge amount of time for tourists to gather at the hotel for the tour. By renting a car in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you will get the opportunity to choose where to go and what to see.

Order on the roads

The UAE is an alcohol-free country, so drivers on the roads behave carefully and adequately. There is almost no crime here, the road rules are intuitive, and the condition of the roads corresponds to the high status of a tourist metropolis. In terms of the development of transport infrastructure, the Emirates ranks first in the world!

Free parking near hotels

Almost every major hotel has free parking for guests and clients, and often you don’t have to park at all – the doorman will do it for you.

Automatic toll payment

You need to pay for traveling by road in Dubai even if you rent a car, but toll payment is low and comparable to the cost of public transport. The toll is collected while driving through the so-called Salik Gate, but the invoice itself is issued immediately before the car is returned to the rental company. It is very convenient, especially if you are used to moving around a lot or want to see as many of the city’s attractions as possible.

Documents you need to rent a car in Dubai

You need only three documents: a foreign passport, a national driving license, and an international driver’s permit (IDP). You can get an IDP at your local traffic police center. It looks like a gray book with translation into different languages with an additional plastic card. Without an IDP, reputable rental offices will not allow you to rent a car at all.

You can pay for the rent with a personalized credit card (with embossed letters of the last and first name). You can pay with any currency card – the amount will be automatically converted into dirhams at the current rate. The longer the rental lasts, the cheaper the car will cost you, so it is advantageous to rent a car for the entire stay when traveling in Dubai. Moreover, if you book a car in advance, the total amount will be even less. In the case of renting a luxury car (and Dubai is famous for the abundance of luxury cars), the difference can be quite significant. Don’t miss the opportunity and find sports cars for rent in Dubai.

In general, car rental in Dubai has a lot of benefits and no disadvantages.

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