Mirror Cams; What You Need To Know

If you are a driver, you will surely understand the importance of mirror cams. Mirror cams allow you to be aware of what is happening in your surroundings while giving you valuable footage in case of an accident.  If you are on a road trip, you can also capture the scenery for later consumption.  

 They are also great for entertainment because you can watch your favorite media on the screens. We, however, recommend that you do not do this while you are driving because it may distract you. A mirror cam differs from a dash cam in placement; while one goes on the dashboard, the other goes onto your rear-view mirror. Visit this site to check out some HD mirror cam options before making the final decision on the one to buy.

Mirror cams are easy to install, and you get access to the footage which you can transfer to your computer via the microSD card.  All you need are flexible bands to mount the camera onto your rear-view mirror.  Depending on the kind you buy, you can get additional features such as automatic recording when you start your vehicle.  When you stop and remove the key from the ignition, it stops recording.  

Others have an infrared LED for night vision.  Others have an LCD screen which can shut off if you do not want any distractions while driving.  You can also opt for those that have motion detection and screen sizes of up to 7 inches, among others. 

Considerations When Buying

You will find some exciting features with some of the mirror cams.  Do not go too crazy though because you should only get what will benefit you in the long run. Do your research well because there are many options available. You’ll find different sizes, designs, and price points.

The most crucial aspect is the protection it avails you.  Look for a camera that gives you high-quality video, so that you can capture relevant details like license plate number, faces, among others.  Also, make sure that what you buy gives you enough storage; otherwise you’ll have to keep on emptying the SD card.  Your camera should also be able to operate in low light and adjust accordingly. 

There are some extras you can consider having, but all this depends on how much leeway you have with your budget. The LCD screen and motion detection are nice to have but are not necessary. Just make sure that what you get gives you excellent performance.  Going for lower pricing will impact on performance and reliability.

Final Thoughts

It pays to have a level of protection when you’re in your vehicle.  You never know when you will need the footage. For instance, if you’re involved in an accident, it could mean the difference between getting compensation or not.  A mirror cam will give you that extra layer of protection, and is not very costly are challenging to install. You best understand what your needs are, and this article should guide your buying process.  

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