Why You Should Use an RV Inverter? – 5 Reasons

Never let your RV deny you much fun and comfort while you are away. When traveling for recreation, camping or even just a long journey, you will definitely need power for your TV, laptop, hairdryer, and charging your smartphone. What if there’s no power grid around? No worry, there’s RV inverter to meet your needs.

An RV inverter converts the 12 V direct current (DC) in your battery to 120 V alternating current (AC). This enables you to power your electronics off the battery. Don’t confuse RV inverter and RV converter. The latter does the opposite. It converts 120V AC into 12 V DC.


Here are the reasons why you should use an RV inverter

  1. Useful where there’s no generator or electricity connection

Life in your RV or motorhome need not be dim in places that lack electricity hookup. A power inverter will draw power from the battery and convert it ready for use by appliances that run on 120V AC.

  1. Solar energy

Energy harnessed from the sun using solar panels is stored in batteries. It’s a cheaper source of renewable energy. Solar energy can be costly at first but saves a lot in the long run. This benefit can be utilized in high energy consumers by means of a power inverter. To update your knowledge, See More Information Here.

  1. Emergency backup in case of power blackout

Sometimes a power outage occurs when you need it most. Put it this way; you are watching a football match and midway power goes off. If you have an inverter, the excitement doesn’t end there.

  1. You want to switch off from the power grid

If you decide to discontinue using electricity from the national grid, you will have to buy power inverter to use batteries. This will give you control over your energy use.

  1. Reduce electricity bills

Electricity bills can easily ruin your budget. To live within your budget, you need to cut down such costs. You choose to use cheaper alternative sources of power. This will require you to convert DC power to AC hence the need for an inverter since most household equipment need AC.



It’s quite evident that you should have an RV inverter at all times. The size of the inverter will depend on the total power consumption of your appliances.

To guide you on the right size, sum up the electric current consumption of each appliance and multiply by the hours in use daily. You then buy one that has a slightly higher rating.

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