Everything You Need to Know About Automotive Industry

The automotive industry includes a large number of automobile producing institutions, organizations, and companies. The automotive industry is one of the leading sectors contributing to the world economy in terms of revenue. Automotive sectors continue to make an exceptional contribution toward the advancement of technology.

Automotive industries so far have been thriving in producing unique design vehicles with dynamic features. The use of automobile vehicles around the world is increasing at a significant rate, especially in developing countries. Automobile vehicles have become the primary source of transportation.

Today many countries are manufacturing motor vehicles, among which China is one of the top leading producers. Industries involving in the repairing of automobiles or fuel stations are excluded from the automobile sectors.

The automobile industry’s primary products include automobile vehicles for passengers, such as vans, motorcycles, sports vehicles, and light trucks. And the secondary products include trucks used for delivery purposes and heavy transport vehicles.

Automotive Industry Production

The automotive industries made their way into the global market around the 1800s with the invention of a possible internal ignition engine. An engineer, Samuel Brown, monopolized the first-ever internal ignition machine in London.

Later, the joint efforts made by Henry Ford and all the American automotive manufacturers made the mass production of vehicles possible. By late 2000, automobiles became an essential item for traveling. Cars soon became a global trend and paved its way into the market regardless of the rising fuel prices.

Since then, automobile industries started to expand slowly, meeting the demands of the customers. However, in recent years, environmentally friendly cars are on a higher market because of their impact on the environment.

Automotive vehicle engines include diesel engine and gasoline engine type. Vehicles that operate on gasoline engines run by generating power from gasoline liquid fuel or ethanol, whereas the diesel engines automobile vehicle run by converting the chemical energy into mechanical energy.

The Americans, with its large population size and high standard of life, were the first to start the mass production of automobiles. Ransom E. Olds was the first person to undertake the significant proposal for the mass production of cars in 1901 with an Oldsmobile buggy.

Interchangeability and standardization were the two main areas focused by the Americans in the automobile sector. The American system of interchangeability was displayed and demonstrated at the British Royal Automobile Club in London in 1908. During that event, three of Cadillac vehicles were dismantled and later reassembled for a test drive. The car successfully drove 800 km without any problem.

Henry M. Leland founded Cadillac Motor Car Company in 1902. Another important innovation in the evolution of powered gasoline automobile vehicles was the invention of an electric starter. An electric starter was designed by Charles Franklin Kettering, an American engineer. Since then, automobiles have been advancing with better modifications and designs.

Each year automotive industries manufacture around sixty million trucks and cars. The industry also provides employment opportunities to a large population directly and indirectly.

Design and raw materials

Most of the automobile vehicle products are manufactured using Virgin steel. And the parts of the automotive products are made using products based on petroleum-like vinyl and plastics. Petroleum-based materials have helped to build lighter models of the vehicles.

The introduction of a new automobile model usually takes around four to five years. Generally, companies create new models to acknowledge unmet public preferences and demands. So far, automotive industries have been thriving in meeting the challenges of developing new models to ensure the needs of the people.

Currently, the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers has counted around fifty countries that manufacture automobiles. And out of the fifty countries, only fourteen countries are capable of manufacturing or designing original automobile production.

China accounts for the largest automotive industry, both in terms of production and marketing, followed by the United States. In 2019 Toyota was ranked as the world’s largest selling car brands with about ten percent market share.

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