2019 BMW X4M

The X4 is BMW’s latest sports-crossover offering that managed to create a niche of its own on the market. Since its release in 2014, the car received quite a few updates. The latest saw the introduction of the M40i, the car’s performance version which is one of the most powerful crossovers in its class. However, it looks like this wasn’t enough for BMW and their customers. Not that long ago what seems to be the upcoming 2019 BMW X4M has been spied testing on the open road. Even though the car was heavily camouflaged, some of the details were clearly visible through the camouflaging material.


2019 BMW X4M Release Date and Price

The car is set to become BMW’s new range-topping X4 offering and so far it looks like it may also become the most powerful car in its class. The release date hasn’t been made available just yet. Even so, the prototype seemed pretty much ready for production so it is safe to assume its release date is not that far from now. In fact, some rumors suggested that an autumn release is quite possible. When it will hit the market the car is more than likely going to cost well over $60,000 which would also make it one of the most expensive compact crossover on the market. Despite its high price we don’t have any doubts, the car is going to sell great.

The running gear

Thanks to the fact the 2019 BMW X4M is the high-performance version, the car will receive special attention from BMW’s M-division. It looks like most of the running gear will be shared with the M3 and M4 and not with the M40i. This means that the car will come with an adaptive set of shocks, lower springs as well as thicker anti-roll bars. It also seems that carbon-ceramic brakes might be offered in the base configuration which would be quite impressive. The car will likely get smaller wheels than the M40i wrapped in higher performance tires in order to withstand track-use which isn’t really an option with the lesser model.

2019 BMW X4M Design


There is not anything new about the X4M. Even though the car is still months away from release, the prototype looked completed. We can expect a more aggressive body-kit with slightly wider front and rear fenders. On top of that, it looks like BMW’s trademark quad-exhaust system is going to be used on this model as well. The interior hasn’t been revealed just yet. Even so, it looks like the X4M will follow the usual M recipe. The car will be mostly identical to the regular X4. The big difference will come in the form of its seats as well as the materials used here. The car will get an interior wrapped mostly in Alcantara as well as some cloth. Leather will be available but only as an option and possibly only with a special package.


There is no doubt about the fact the 2019 BMW X4M will use the already well known S58 engine. This is a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged inline-six which proved to be one of the smoothest engines of its kind. In the X4M the engine will make between 450 and 500 horsepower and north of 410 lb-ft of torque. Even though it may not sound that impressive, this should be more than enough to allow the car to hit 60 MPH in less than 4.0 seconds. This would make it the fastest car in its class by a big margin. The only drawback we see is the lack of a manual. Even so, the car’s 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox will be one of the best on the market so the lack of a manual won’t be a problem for many.

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