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Pick Your Ride for the Air Capital: A Used Car Buying Guide

Buying a used car holds certain advantages over a brand-new one, the price difference being the primary factor. For the same make and model, a used car is much lighter in the pocket. Meanwhile, used cars have always been in demand in Wichita, where people prefer a quality ride over a fancy one. And if you want to get a vehicle for yourself, or if you’ve just gotten your driver’s license and want to polish your skills, you can always look up used cars for sale in Wichita and go through options based on your preferences. And here are a few strategies you can use for selecting a used car:

1. Market Value

The value of the vehicle has to be the primary negotiating factor, and it can also help you determine how anxious the seller is to sell the car. Meanwhile, if the price is comparatively higher and the seller is quick, you should try your negotiating skills to bring the price in balance with the car’s market value.

2. Inspection

A used car is good as long as it doesn’t have significant functionality issues; its condition determines its end value. As such, a well-maintained car will fetch a higher value, whereas a poorly maintained car will only sell for a little.

So, inspect the car before purchasing, and check the comfort fit to see if the front and rear seats are in place. Carefully inspect the quality of the car’s interior and exterior for paint jobs and other repairs, if any. Besides, make sure to check the quality and state of the engine.

3. Test Drive

Take the car for a spin and see how well it suits your needs. This way, you can also get a first–hand experience of the car’s amenities, the sound system, the heating, and air conditioning. Moreover, you can thoroughly check the car’s engine, brakes, and exhaust and examine the gear-shifting conditions and maneuverability of the vehicle.

4. Get It Checked by a Mechanic

You may want a detailed inspection by a professional mechanic. A car mechanic will always see and understand things differently in a car than an average person would.

5. Repair History

You can get a car’s repair history from dedicated sources and websites, for which you’ll need the license plate number and the vehicle identification number. Finding a pattern of planned repairs often indicates that the vehicle is in good and maintained condition. On the other hand, frequent repairs for recurring problems are a clear red flag.

6. Age and Mileage

These are the two most crucial factors when considering a used vehicle. As for age, a new car depreciates by 60% of its value in the first five years, and the rate falls. Meanwhile, the mileage goes hand in hand with the vehicle’s age. A typical used car is driven between 10000 to 15000 miles a year, so the best bet is to go for the average and look for one with 12000 miles a year.

Drive to Rewind

A car is a sensible investment, and a little caution goes a long way in a satisfying driving experience. Besides, a used car comes with its advantages and challenges. As such, keeping the cost factor in mind, be wary of the details mentioned above, and find yourself a used car for sale in Wichita. So, good luck with getting your drive groove on!

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