Top 5 Iconic Features of Volkswagen Which Make It Ideal For All

Whether it’s the Wagon or the Beetle, Volkswagen has a way of capturing the hearts of its users. With its stellar design, driver-friendly navigation technology, and comfortable interiors, you can’t help but get charmed by its infrastructure.

Take a breath if you’ve been thinking about why you must pick a car from a Volkswagen dealer in Riverside.

Here’re the features that every Volkswagen model flaunts to ensure your convenience with its performance.

1. Windows with Touch Up and Down Feature

The German vehicle manufacturer provided power windows even before other manufacturers joined the league. Generally, other brands offer car companies that provide the power-down feature only for the driver seat.

Irrespective of the price of the vehicle, VW offers it as a mandatory part of all models for all the seats.

2. Fuel Efficiency

The main cost of driving a car in Riverside lies in fuel usage. Essentially, the higher the optimization of fuel consumption, the greater the vehicle’s overall efficiency. Since its inception, Volkswagen has employed cutting-edge technology to ensure that users don’t waste money on repetitive fuel refilling.

The most recent launch of the VW Jetta is evidence of the same. The performance-packed car offers up to 42 miles per gallon (MPG) return on Riverside highways. Even its SUV model provides an excellent return on 37 MPG.

3. Dual-Clutch Gearbox

Unlike manual transmissions and AMTs, the dual-clutch transmission allows users the maneuverability of the vehicle for better performance. Interestingly, Volkswagen has been offering the same even before the Korean competitors did.

The gearbox has ensured the drivers a seamless shift from manual transmissions without facing any lags, even in the oldest models. That’s the expertise only a veteran car manufacturer can offer.

4. Classy Looks

Whether it’s the sharp shoulder lines or the fantastic color options, the VW models consistently rated high, considering elegance in their appearance. Even the latest Virtus launch carries accentuating features in the exterior body, such as a chrome grille, R16 Razor alloys and more.

But that’s not to say that VW does not compromise the build quality. The brand ensures a robust build and good looks, from a broad wheelbase to top-of-the-class metal.

5. Focus on User Experience

Volkswagen considers the user experience and safety of their cars pivotal. For this reason, they employ state-of-the-art technologies to create impressive vehicles. Currently, the brand uses augmented reality to locate the spot welds for testing the strength of the joints in its body. It provides a direct insight into the sweet spot of infrastructural optimization for user comfort.

Other than the usual infrastructure of the vehicle, the brand also pays attention to the overall convenience of the users. From the ease of finding the latest launches to car test drives in Riverside, VW ensures customer comfort through technology utilization.

In a nutshell

Created during mid-war Germany, Volkswagen has been the torchbearer of study yet sophisticated vehicles. As an innovator, the brand has always aimed to enhance the users’ experience through its performance-packed product and after-sale services. The company even ensures easy access to the nearby Volkswagen dealer in Riverside through adequate marketing and awareness campaigns.

All in all, Volkswagen has become one of the most trustworthy manufacturers in the world owing to its focus on the customers and their experience. It’s time to see what other innovations are a part of its strategy.

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