2015 Jaguar CX-17 SUV Price

The legendary manufacturer of cars, Jaguar is about to release the SUV or more specifically, 2015 Jaguar CX-17 SUV. There has been increasing demands and queries about this amazing car. Some related information is provided in this article.

2015 Jaguar CX-17 SUV price

The car manufacturing company has not announced the price of the new Jaguar SUV. However, it is estimated that the minimum cost would be approximately $39,600.

2015 Jaguar CX-17 SUV


The performance of the car is expected to be wonderful. Torque vectoring is used for the braking of inner wheels in this version of Jaguar SUV which improves the performance of the drive system. The drive system is also made up of aluminum suspension for better ride. The dashboard of this car consists of a control panel that is touch delicate. A central display is also present on the dashboard.

Fuel Consumption

The 2015 Jaguar CX-17 SUV is expected to be extremely fuel efficient. The average performance of fuel of the car is expected to be approximately 30MPG on the diesel version. Also, as far as the petrol unit is concerned, the car is expected to give a performance of approximately 24MPG.

Jaguar CX-17

Release Date of new Jaguar CX-17

The release date of this new version of Jaguar has not yet been announced yet. However, to the relief of the expected buyers of this wonderful car, there will be an option for advanced booking before the car is available in the market. Therefore, one need not worry about the car being out of stock too early.

2015 Jaguar CX-17 SUV Engine

The car will have petroleum engine as well as a 4 cylinder engine of turbo diesel. These engines would be made at a new plant in Wolverhampton. The diesel engines claim to release carbon IV oxide at the rate of 100/km or less. This is a major advantage of this car. The use of F type supercharged petroleum will also bring higher efficiency to this car. The engine is expected to be of almost 300 horsepower. These engines are expected to be sportier and hence the performance and speed would increase in this version than others under the same manufacturer.

2015 jaguar CX-17


One can expect longevity from the Jaguar CX-17 SUV battery like all other cars under this manufacturer.

Other major advantages associated with this car include:

1. Climate control.
2. Rear view camera.
3. Electrically operated seats.
4. Interior equipment as per choice.
5. Adaptive control over ride.
6. Standard satellite navigation.
7. Subwoofer sound system.
8. Surface console in interactive mode.
9. JLR audio.
10. Leisure seats in boot floor when parked up, etc.

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