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Digital Odometer – Does it Interfere with Mileage Correction?

The invention of the digital odometer was a breaking point in the car industry in the sense that it changed the existing situation quite a bit. It sowed hope in people who were sick and tired of odometer rollback. After all, it’s quite frustrating to invest in something just to discover that you were lied to. Though reprogramming the mileage is still possible even with digital odometers, the discrepancy is quite easy to check with the help of modern equipment. The majority of odometer correction tools are easy to detect. The mileage blocker is a different story. Let’s see if digital odometers interfere with mileage correction.

Does a mileage blocker change the numbers on the odometer?

The mileage blocker sold at doesn’t change the numbers on the trip meter. It’s a different tool that stops recording the mileage once activated. It was designed for testing the performance of your vehicle, providing you with a lot of features to work with. It’s a versatile device that can be an asset when it’s employed for its intended purpose.

The tool that can reverse or reset the odometer is the odometer adjustment software. It’s capable of reprogramming the mileage and reducing the numbers on the trip meter. However, its performance is far from perfect (more on that later). Plus, it’s an unethical tool which can cause a lot of trouble.

What makes a mileage stopper a better alternative for digital odometers?

A mileage stopper is a better alternative compared to the odometer changer as its performance is undetectable even with digital odometers. You see, it stops recording the mileage in all control units, making it impossible to discover. However, you should never forget that it’s meant only for testing purposes.

The odometer programmer, on the other hand, can rewind the miles on the digital odometer only. It can’t erase or alter the data in the ECU and other control units. This means that its performance can be checked with diagnostic testers. A professional might even discover the discrepancy without additional equipment.


Apart from being undetectable, the mileage stopper has other advantages as well:

An odometer blocker isn’t a one-time solution

The majority of the odometer correction tools provide you with a one-time solution. As they rewind the mileage on the digital odometer only, you’ll have to use them once again every time the mileage increases. An odometer blocker, on the contrary, is a proactive tool. The main thing is to remember that you should not use it on the open road.

A kilometer stopper is more versatile

A kilometer stopper is more versatile as it offers various modes of operation. This means that it’s tailored to your vehicle.



All in all, the digital odometer doesn’t interfere with mileage correction, however, it’s made the whole process harder. Even if you rewind the miles with a specific tool, its effects will still be discoverable. The mileage blocker offers superior performance and is a better alternative for digital odometers. Just use it for testing purposes and you’ll be able to remain ethical.

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