Car Detailing Tips To Improve Your Car’s Mileage

We drive everywhere; to work, to the store, to friend’s houses, on vacation, and to many more locations. On average, people in the United States drive about 13,500 miles a year. The average cost of gas in 2019 was $2.64 per gallon for regular. However, what’s really important is your car’s gas mileage.

This is the number of miles you can drive with one gallon of gas. Many factors play a role in your car’s rate. You can do things to make your vehicle more fuel-efficient, which includes how you detail your car.

We’re going to go over our expert tips on how to improve your automotive’s gas mileage with car detailing.

A Clean Exterior


A factor that affects miles per gallon is how aerodynamic your car is. Although you can’t change the shape of your vehicle, you can ensure you’re creating the least amount of drag by keeping your automotive exterior clean.

An unclean car can increase friction, which reduces airflow, and this results in fewer miles per gallon. When you don’t have time to wash your car every morning, you can use wax or learn much more about auto ceramic coating to help keep your paint be less prone to holding dirt.

A clean car doesn’t just look good but makes your auto work more efficiently.

Not too Much Weight


The heavier your car is, the more power it needs to go, which means the more gas required. Think about yourself walking up a flight of stairs. For most of us, it’s pretty easy. Now, imagine you have bags of groceries with you. The same flight of stairs is a lot harder and requires more energy to climb.

This is how your automotive feels when it’s carrying a lot of extra weight. Once a week you should clean out the interior of your car to ensure you’re only driving with the essentials.

You should take out clothes, trash, and other unnecessary items. Also, vacuum the extra sand or dirt on the ground. You might be thinking that all of these things don’t weigh that much, but combined you could be carrying around 20 pounds of extra weight. Your car will be happier, and you’ll spend less on gas.

Check Your Tire Pressure


Tire pressure is another vital factor when it comes to gas mileage. When they’re low on air, it increases the rolling resistance on the road. This creates more friction between the two, making it more challenging to go.

Your car then needs to use more power to propel you forward, which requires more gas. Properly inflated tires can push against the road and work more efficiently.

Clean Your Fuel Injectors


The fuel injectors are what bring the fuel into your car’s engine, which powers it to go forward. These can build-up debris or become clogged, so the proper amount of gas can’t get through.

Cleaning out the fuel injectors can significantly improve the efficiency of the burning of fuel. You can clean them with an at-home kit, or take your vehicle to your local mechanic. There’s an advanced process, known as an ultrasonic cleaning, that can be used as well.

This will help your miles per gallon because your vehicle will be using fuel more efficiently.

Change Your Gas Cap


The gas cap is what you open and close when you refuel. There is a rubber seal that keeps the chamber airtight. However, after a few years, the seal isn’t as secure anymore due to the use, cracks in the plastic, rips in the rubber, and other causes.

When this happens, air gets into your gas tank, which causes your engine to burn more fuel. This affects your miles per gallon because your car is using more gas than needed. By getting a new cap, you ensure that it’s a tight seal and improves your mileage.

The Bottom Line

It feels great driving around with a clean car that’s shiny and smells great on the inside. This doesn’t just look good, but it’s excellent for your vehicle’s miles per gallon. However, there’s more to better gas mileage than that. Regularly check your tire pressure and fuel injectors and change your gas cap.

Improving your gas mileage is vital because it saves you money in the long run. You and your car will be happy driving efficiently.

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