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2017 Land Rover Defender Redesign Price

One of the strongest, most reliable and most powerful models will hit the market very soon. The 2017 Land Rover Defender is almost ready to go on sale. The carmaker is still working on a production car and we are not able to take it for a test ride, but many sites reported that the 2017 Land Rover Defender will be a piece of perfection. Well, renderings show that it will have an outstanding and pretty extraordinary design compared to other vehicles in its class. Its exterior is pleasing to the eye, but it is not the only thing the Defender has to offer.

Namely, there will be some improvements inside of the cabin and under the bonnet too. Of course, we expect the carmaker to offer more technological features and driving aids this time. Official details about the vehicle are pretty scarce, but read our speculation review and find out what the 2017 Land Rover Defender might bring to the table.

2017 Land Rover Defender Exterior

Land Rover Defender Concept

The upcoming generation of the Defender will mostly rely on the DC100 concept. Well, it won’t be a clone of the concept but it will borrow most of its features, at least when we talk about the exterior design of the vehicle. This concept was unveiled in 2011, when the carmaker wanted to demonstrate the way the next generations of the Defender would look like. When you set your eyes on the concept and take a closer look, you will see how futuristic, modern, and powerful it looks. The new Defender will be based on the so called PLA platform. Those with little-understood of this aspect will know that it is quite efficient and good platform, especially for this kind of vehicle. The vehicle will have boxy shape but with several details, lines, and curves that make it more appealing than its other boxy cousins in this segment. It will be powerful, square-like and muscular SUV that will draw the attention of future buyers as soon as they see it. Its body will be made out of lightweight materials including aluminum and carbon fiber. Thanks to the lightweight materials, it will lose a considerable amount of weight but at the same time it will be stiffer, durable, and stronger.


2017 Land Rover Defender Interior

Land Rover is a famous carmaker which is highly respected for its luxurious, modern, and comfortable cabins. All surfaces inside of the cabin will be covered in high-end, luxurious materials. Of course, we expect technological advancement of the cabin. Among many other features, you will find an improved version of the audio system, Bluetooth connectivity, hands-free phone compatibility etc. Nowadays, carmakers try to make their vehicles as safe as possible, and Land Rover will do the same thing with the venerable Defender. Unfortunately, the final list of safety features and driving assists is not available yet, but we will be delighted to share it with you as soon as we get it.

2017 Land Rover Defender Engine

The vehicle has an eye-catching exterior design and luxurious cabin, so the only thing it needs to be perfect is a powerful and fuel efficient engine under its hood that ensures smooth ride. The new Defender has it. The base engine for the 2017 Land Rover Defender will be powered by a 2L inline four Ingenium engine. Details about output and performance are not available yet. The second engine option is a 3L V6 engine. Power is sent to all four wheels of the car through an eight-speed transmission. There aren’t any formal announcement about hybrid engine, but we won’t be surprised if a combo becomes a member of the lineup.

Land Rover Defender 2017

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