What is the Cheapest Ways to Rent a Car?

Dubai is one of the most expensive cities in the world. It is the dream of every resident and tourist in Dubai to rent a car at the cheapest possible price. Many car rental companies in Dubai allow an individual to rent a car on long term or short term rentals. However, most of the rental car companies are very expensive. But, there are also companies like “Car Rental Dubai” and “Rent a car Dubai” that offer car rental services on a short term or long term on a bit cheaper scale.

Anyhow, in this article, we will present you some of the tips for saving up while renting a car in Dubai!


Go for discount car rental deals

Be informed. Find some of the car rental companies on social media and follow them for some time. Also, find different car rental companies on Google as well, visit their website and seek some discounts! Try to find the best deal and search for coupons as well. Many of these companies have online presentations where you can get a discount! Also, one of the ways to get a better deal is to rent a car for a longer period. The more days you rent – the higher the discount will be!

Use your personal insurance


The insurance policies of some car rental companies increases the total cost of the deal. If you rent a car, you will be offered some insurance deals by the company itself that will cover certain events (different insurance packages are available in most of cases). However, these insurance deals are very expensive for an individual that wants to rent a car, but are necessary as well! Therefore, to get a cheap car rental deal, get an insurance company to provide car insurance cover for you at the standard insurance charges. This way, you will save some money!

Economy cars are the ideal options

According to rentalcarsuae.com, the economy cars are the ideal option for a solo traveler. So, our honest suggestion is to go for economy cars, especially if you travel alone or with one more person, because you can get them for the most affordable car rental deals. Also, a lot of discounts and good deals are offered online! Small and cheap, but hey, we want to save some money here, don’t we?

Do not rent a car at the Airport


Car rental services that are offered in the airports are usually very expensive. It is very understandable to use these car rental services if you are coming into the city newly. For an old citizen or resident in Dubai, try as much as you can to avoid using the airport car rentals. Instead of using it at the airport, you can hire a taxi to take you to your destination. This way, you will save more money for yourself. But, be careful! Taxis are not that cheap as well!

Watch the gas prices

No matter what they tell you, no car rental company in Dubai is set up to make losses. Car rental companies make their profits by hiking the price of gas. This hike generally affects the total cost of the rental deal. So when you want to rent a car, watch the price of the gas of the car that is offered by the car rental company, then decide whether you will buy a large quality or small quality. Buying a small quantity at first will help you to save more money, of course!

Use the same driver


Most car rental companies like Rent a car Dubai do not charge additional fees for couples that are renting the same car. But, we suggest you try as much as possible to use the same driver all the time to avoid additional charges.

Use early car reservation services

Car Rental Dubai and Rent a car Dubai are examples of car rental companies in Dubai that have online car rental platforms where an individual that wants to rent a car can easily book and make car reservations. Also, these reservation services that are offered by these companies are normally cheaper than renting a car on the spot, as we mentioned earlier. Discounts are also offered for online reservations,just to delight customers. This is a good way of saving money while renting a car.


Do not rent car accessories

As much as some car accessories are important or attractive, do not rent them. Since these car accessories come at an extra cost that will increase the total cost of your rental deal. Instead of installing these car accessories, seek for alternatives. For example, instead of installing a GPS, use a google map on your phone to enable your movement – simple as that!

Just take a walk

Although the car help you to get to your destination faster, the best way to save some cash for yourself is to avoid the car rental services altogether, and just take a walk. You will be able to save up more money for yourself and you experience and to connect with the city from a totally different perspective.

In conclusion, it is the very exciting and unique feeling of driving a car across the wonderful city of Dubai. However, to rent a luxurious car or an economy car, you must be prepared to spend a lot of money.

Hopefully this article will give you some idea about how to save money while renting a car in Dubai! Have a nice trip!

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