Pack Light On Your Solo Trip With These Easy Packing Tips

If you have never been on a solo trip, it’s about time you plan one now. Solo trips are full of fun and adventures. You don’t have to depend upon your friends and family to travel the world. You can make your itinerary, stay comfortably at your own choice of accommodation, and travel anywhere you want. At the same time, solo trips are full of responsibility, especially when it comes to taking care of your safety, and of course, your luggage.

Packing for a solo trip doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your comfort and style. You only need to rethink what to pack and what to leave. It is always good to pack light. Packing light comes with many advantages. It becomes easy for you to use public transportation when you travel light. Also, there are minimal chances of paying for the extra baggage at the airport. Another advantage of packing light is that there are fewer chances of losing your stuff. When you travel with many things, you tend to lose one or more.

If you don’t know how to pack light for your next solo trip, fret not. We have got you covered. Here are some easy packing tips to help you pack light and right:

Choose the right luggage

The first and most important thing while packing light for your solo trip is to choose the right luggage. Always use lightweight luggage such as a travel backpack or a small trolley bag. You can buy lightweight and good-quality luggage from MXstore at the best prices.

Pack just what you need

Ditch the idea of packing everything for your trip, and choose only the stuff that is the most necessary. Do some research and make a list of what you will require at the location you are travelling to. For example, if you are vacationing in Russia, do not forget to pack essential winter wear. On the contrary, if you are travelling to Africa, do not pack denim or shirts, and choose lighter clothes instead.

Say no to heavy clothes

When you pack heavy clothes in your luggage, they consume a majority of space. Thus, we suggest you carry clothes that don’t take much space. For instance, if you want your favourite fancy studded jacket on your trip, do not pack it but wear it on your flight. It will leave you a lot of space in your bag where you can keep other essential items.

Cut down your toiletries

Toiletries may be one of the essential things you may need on vacation, but there is no point in packing them, especially when your hotel itself provides you with the essentials. Packing a lot of toiletries is very common among women. We advise you to ditch this idea and carry only the necessary ones. It will leave a lot of space in your luggage. If your hotel doesn’t provide you with a toiletry kit, you can buy it locally.

Do not pack too many shoes

Packing too many shoes on your trip is a big no. Shoes consume so much space in your luggage, leaving only a little space for other essentials. Thus, instead of many pairs of shoes, keep only one. You can wear the other pair on the flight. This way, you will have two pairs handy.


It doesn’t matter where you are travelling to; if you follow the above-listed packing tips, you will end up travelling light and comfortable.

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