The Ins and Outs of Shipping Your Car & Saving Yourself a Drive

Whether you want to avoid a stressful road trip, can’t spare vacation days for driving across the country on your own or find it too costly, auto shipping can provide the ideal solution. Here are some benefits associated with shipping your car long distance.

Door-to-Door Transport


Door-to-door transport is an increasingly popular car shipping option that enables customers to transport their vehicle from one location to the next without traveling between pickup and delivery terminals. It can save both time and effort car for those needing their vehicle for work purposes or any other purpose, and is even delivered directly to homes, offices, parking lots or any other location specified by you.

Door-to-door transport ( offers numerous advantages. A driver will pick up and deliver your vehicle directly at a place most suitable for you – such as your front yard or driveway. This service can also save time and money with its relatively lower terminal-to-terminal transport rates; oftentimes faster delivery can also be expected.

When choosing a DTD company, reputation and reliability are usually the top criteria when choosing a car shipping company, according to customers. Online reviews provide useful insight into customer service quality and overall experience with various providers.

If in doubt about which service to select, consulting an auto transport expert may provide valuable guidance as they are equipped with knowledge that can provide useful tips and suggest what option would work best in their individual case.

Take note of pricing. While certain companies might charge more, you should aim for one with competitive prices and excellent customer service. Likewise, when looking into sending your vehicle via professional companies make sure that you compare quotes from multiple providers so as to find the most cost-effective service provider.

Though many may worry about the safety of door-to-door services, most don’t. In fact, this process is safer than terminal-to-terminal shipping because your car won’t be left sitting idle for prolonged periods of time. Your driver will conduct a comprehensive vehicle inspection before loading or unloading it as an essential step toward protecting its condition and long life.

Terminal-to-Terminal Transport

Terminal-to-terminal car shipping involves dropping off and picking up your vehicle at a service terminal located outside of your city. Although terminal-to-terminal is often cheaper than door-to-door transport, you’ll incur gas expenses in traveling back and forth to the terminal, which could quickly add up. Terminal shipping may be suitable for those on limited budgets or who cannot afford extra storage space for their car.

These terminals serve a similar function to impound lots or gated storage facilities in that vehicles are stored until being picked up for transport. Some companies also offer indoor terminal storage at an extra charge, which helps protect against the elements and protects your car against being damaged in bad weather conditions – perfect for those moving but are unable to move into their new homes immediately.

Although most carriers will wait until enough cars have been filled into a trailer before shipping yours, this approach does have advantages. Transporting them directly between terminals is more efficient for them and cheaper for you since the car transportation company doesn’t need to pay fuel and insurance costs at each home visited. However, every company is different.

Enclosed Transport

Covered transportation (also referred to as enclosed transport or covered auto shipping) involves placing your car inside an enclosed trailer – either hard-sided or soft-sided – for safe shipping. This method protects it from harsh elements like wind, rain, sleet, snow, ice and rocks as well as dirt dust and other road debris.

This is done while the specially-equipped platforms used by enclosed carriers allow for gradual loading/unloading slopes so your car doesn’t slip or roll off during loading or unloading processes allowing it to prevent slip or roll off accidents during loading/unloading processes allowing it to load/unload without slip or roll off during loading or unloading processes ensuring its safe transport to its new destination.

Transport of luxury, exotic, or classic vehicles that need additional protection against the elements typically requires enclosed transport services that cost 30-60% more than open transport options; this specialized service ensures your car reaches its destination undamaged.

Open car shipping is often the more affordable and commonly utilized choice, utilizing large truck carriers that do not encase vehicles en route; as such, vehicles exposed to weather and road conditions will arrive much more quickly; however it doesn’t provide as much protection to ensure they arrive as quickly.

Enclosed auto transport involves placing your car on either a hard-sided trailer, which typically contains either hard or soft sides, for shipment. This method of car shipping tends to be more luxurious as drivers treat your vehicle more carefully than they would in open trucks; many enclosed haulers also feature hydraulic lift gates or extended ramps that make loading low-to-the-ground vehicles much simpler, plus higher cargo insurance coverage to protect it further.

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